Pee Drinking From Cup

Oxana Peach Panty Load

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Spit And Pee For My Car

Now I have treated you well long enough, so now it is time to demonstrate my power over you! I will spit on you, and you will enjoy every drop of my precious Saliva! You like it? Good, because I really don’t care.. I will just continue spitting on you..Ohh wait I can think of one more thing you may deserve! I pull my pants down, and look there’s my pussy.. So you know what a pussy can do? Well here is what I want to do with you! I will just piss on you.. from the top, from the bottom.. can you feel my warm, champagne running down your window?I have some more spit for you, and just to be nice to you, I will give you a taste of my tits pushed against you. This should make your day!

Dominating Mistress Drenches Slaves With Piss, Puke, And Scat! – Part 2

She rubs her ass on their faces and make them eat her orifices. She blows snot and spits on their faces, making them feel like the dirty pathetic slave that they are!