Pee Drinking Hidden Cam

And Again I Serve Christina’s Ass!

And again I serve Christina’s ass! I have been acquainted with Christina for a long time and it is very pleasant to serve her as a toilet bowl! I know very well the taste and smell of her shit, since in the past I was her daily toilet! The taste and smell of her shit is very strong and for an unprepared toilet slave – it will be very difficult! I asked Christina not to be rude, since I haven’t eaten shit for a long time and after a long break it is difficult! Christina was gentle, she praised me in every way for the fact that I quickly swallow and supported me! But in her voice I felt power and I was afraid to appear weak in her eyes and tried to swallow quickly!

Sweet Shit Eating Amazones…

2 young Amazones, meet each other on their walk through the summer nature and get horny for shitgames…. – they swallow each others shit directly from the asshole..

Ebonyfetish 12 Nasty Days Of Christmas Day 6

It’s Day 6 and my slave has the nerve to be wearing a Bah Humbug t-shirt. What do I think about his lack of holiday spirit? I think I should take a HUGE shit all over him and his shirt … so I do! One of the biggest dumps I’ve gotten on camera in a while and it’s all over his shirt.

Paid For You In Close-up

Come and be very close to it when I’m on the toilet ausscheiße.Na you get like me time to serve as a toilet?