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The Best! Princess Mia – 3 Clips

Great video!Mia Scat Domination1.Princess Miya with pleasure goofs on her slave, laughs and humiliates him. First, she shits in the mouth of her toilet-slave, but before that the slave diligently licks the ass of his Goddess. Now the slave opens his mouth and throats everything, he eats, then wipes her holes. And now the Princess will make a gift to her bitch.She kneels right on the slave’s chest, slowly inserts the hose from the enema into the ass, fills herself with water … and … She gets up, takes out another chair and sits down on it. And the worm takes everything in itself and can do nothing or say against it, he is very obedient and submissive.And then Mia lets out all from her body. She laughs at the toilet slave, while he chokes in the water and in shit.Then, the slave wipes her ass again, and she takes the camera and shoots his dirty face and spits on it.2.Humiliation,Scat,Shit,Smearing3.Lick Ass,coercion,constraint,duress,scat piss,duress.The girl feeds her dog with her delicious shit. She places him on his knees, ties his hands; she lies on a table in front of him and undresses opening her vagina and ass. First, she makes him lick between her legs. She groans and smiles, getting nice feelings because of his humiliation. Then she shits into his mouth, makes him chew and eat shit. She pisses on his face and laughs. Then she stands up and smears shit on his face, she laughs while the slave gasps, mumbles and vomits.

First Time Toilet – No Cracker Is Safe Around My Ass

I’ve had this white slave locked under a collar for the whole weekend serving my ass in all ways. On the last night, I put him on the bed, sat on his face, talk about using him as my toilet as he rim my ass. Then finally feed his hungry white mouth then tease his little mayo cock as he eats.

Peing In My Bed (slave’s View)

Goddess Nikki calls me to the bed, and start teasing me right away with all her charm and delight, I am as always spellbound an cater to her every need. She makes me crawl behind her and smell her ass over and over. She want me to get the cam, and make me lie down below her. She sit down on my face before she start peeing in my mouth, on my body and in my bed. I have to wash her pussy and legs which is a privilege.. and off course I will sleep in this delight tonight 😀