Pee Emercency

A Living Female Toilet, Swallowing Shit. Close-up

A real toilet slave is obliged to swallow a girl’s shit, as she swallows a delicious nectar! At the moment of swallowing, he has no other thoughts, except that now he performs the most important job of eating shit – a girl should not experience discomfort during the defecation – this is the main thing for the toilet slave!

Toilet Slave Duties!

Rosella transforms a user in an obedient slave-pig, who lives at her feet and serve her with everything she wants! As an asshole clean licker, human toilet bowl and as a living toilet to swallow her shit and piss! The slave agreed to be ONE month of Mistress Rosella, designed as a perfect toilet slave pig and spending in their hands. Here in the video it receives its first caviar and piss-session. Rosella sits on the mouth of the slave and can lick the asshole while she humiliates the slave Verbal and tells the camera what the slave expected. Then she shits the slaves a thick pile into his mouth and pisses a huge amount of piss in his mouth. The slave then had to eat the whole shit and stuff the shit with his fingers in his mouth after. After he had eaten the huge portion of shit under the strict domination of Rosella he had his fingers, which were full of shit, suck clean and slurp the piss, are not landed in his mouth from the ground! Only when he had eaten all the delights of his mistress, Rosella let him go and let him totla finished, lying on the ground, back!

Foot Worship And Scat Consumption!

The slave thinks it’s his lucky day for good behaviour. He is told he is to be given a relaxing bath by his domestic mistress. He is happy and gets into the bath thinking he is to be given a nice relaxing time. Yet the only thing nice he is to be given is her sweet golden scat and the foot worship of his mistresses feet! She squats down over him and delivers runny shit all over his face and into his mouth, and while wearing rubber clothes to protect her finger nails, she smears all the sweet shit over the slaves face. She then uses her feet and orders him to worship her feet while she uses them as a tool to push down increasing loads of scat into her slaves mouth.

Scat 4

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