Pee Fart Wife

Girl Anya. Shit 7

Close-up pee and shit in a cup.

Tights Wetting

Sophia is in the middle of getting ready and has to stop to pee. Wearing a jersey knit top that shows her hard nipples and red opaque tights, she steps into her shower to get started. After squatting close to the camera, she begins squeezing out the pee. Stopping her flow, she stands up and gives you a rear view before turning around to let you watch from the front. She’s made a mess and is standing in it, and somehow manages to squeeze out even more. When Sophia finishes, she blows you a goodbye kiss.

2 Days Is Not Shit, But Then …

it comes out of my ass … in masses it abseils silent, dangerous lot and softly onto the ground .. close-up at the end 🙂

Kinky Dude Got Some Shit From His Girlfriend

Kinky dude got some shit from his girlfriend