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The Hungry Slave

My slave was very hungry and this should be breastfed. So he got caviar from two ladies, from me and my friend Contessa Calucci. He opened his mouth wide to receive the food. And to make it easier for him to swallow, he gave me an extra large portion of golden shower

Peeing In His Ass

In this clip you can see me peeing in my slaves ass. I pee through a funnel. Afterwards I let him push it in a dog bowl and tell him to drink it.

Toilet Chaos!

Today of all days when this girl is desperately need a toilet and its OUT OF ORDER!!! There is no way she can make it to the next toilet which is in the other corridor. She tries to hurry but as she was about to turn her SHIT is already out! Oh hell!! What a total mess..

Dido Gets Poo 2 (first Orgasm With Shit)

Completely excited with the shit that she finally has ahead, Dido does not to stop sniffing and kissing the coveted gift. Until, carried off by the excitement, starts touching herself reaching wildly to end up one of the greatest orgasms of her life. It will be just the first in a series of wonderful and intense cumshots she knows that awaits her, after having discovered the hidden secret of delights.