Pee Festival Concert

2 Ladies And Plenty To Drink For The Slave – Wmv

Time to enjoy for my slave. He was allowed to pick up a bowl after 2 ladies had peed in it. Afterwards he had to keel down in order to enjoy the delicious drink out of the bowl.

Chew Down Your Meal With Spit And Piss

The slave gets something special from the girls to eat, all three (Chantal, Elaysa, Domi) are spitting extensively on a pancake until it is completely poured over and swims in spit. After choking the sticky mass Lady Chantal and Lady Domi notice that they have to pee urgently and use the slave as their piss gulp.


Witness an amazing explosion!

Diarheea In Pink Pantyhose Then Godess Tryin’ To Painting On Carpet With Diarheea

Godess love to feel her shitty diarheea on her skin, and she does it again in her pink pantyhose. On the floor her diarheea will be perfect for paiting and writing messsages for her obedient slaves !!