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Piss Party 2018 Clip 01

I have invited some girls to a piss party, and he will for sure get enough from us. We are lined up around him, and first he have to smell our pussies to get familiar with a piss soaked pussy. Then one by one we start pissing in his toilet mouth. He is struggling to swallow all of it, but at least he is trying.We sit down on the couch, and have another slave joining us as well. It is competition time. We start teasing their dicks with our feet, and give them a taste of a foot job. Then they have to start jerking their dicks. One of the slaves comes, and his sperm is on my foot. I tell him he must lick and eat his own sperm.Nomi did not piss earlier, but she fills a glass for the losing slave with real yellow piss. His losing prize is drinking her strong nectar.

My First Shit Video

My very first video of me taking a huge fat shit.

Shit From Furniture Part4

Another lady shit in the mouth of the slave. The ladies talk about some things and have fun while the toilet slave has to function as a human toilet.