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Sparkle’s Shakin’ And Drainin’!

Sparkle has long been one of my favorite ladies EVER!! This was the girl that showed me I’m on to something special when I recruited her!! She has that innocent girl next door mixed with “SHITFUCKGOTDAYUM!” type of sex appeal. Sadly We are coming to the end of her run here on Ladies Keeping It Funky! (sad face emoji here) Yeah as is often the case over the last five years, ladies come and go. When folks ask “what happened to such and such”? Keep in my my goal is to find ladies just like Sparkle, ladies that were otherwise clueless that “folks are into to this stuff” That would have otherwise NEVER done anything like this. Also ladies who were just looking to make a quick buck. While I have expanded to include a handfull of well know adult stars, the goal is always to find ladies just like Sparkle. Women with GOD GIVEN sex appeal, who aren’t webcam girls, pornstars, hookers, strippers, or any type of sex worker whatsoever. That girl next door who I can work my natural gift of gab on. So don’t get too attached folks. Some are here today gone tomorrow. Some only pop up when they need home project money or vacation spending change. Textbook money.That said Sparkle is easily one of the three hottest women I have had on this site. If i’m going pure looks, it’s her, Lil Stink, and Queen Bee. Everyone has their favorites – which is why I try to recruit women of ALL shapes and sizes, and colors!! Those three however I get excited whenever they pop up in my inbox!! The way Sparkles sexy ass body looks when she slowly pulls down her pants and panties….I just makes me brick just like the first time every time!! Enjoy this sexy half dozen pee clips. Enjoy as she shakes, wiggles and releases her golden streams in the bowl. Nobody makes peeing look sexier!! This one is for my Pee lovers in this various assortment of public toilet scenes. There are only and handfull of Sparkle clips left as she has moved on career wise, and got a man that ain’t too fond of her sharing her goodies for the world (sad face emoji here again!). But You can relive all her classics here on LKIF!! And if this is your intro new customers – PLEASE go back and look at her classics from the last four years!!! She is and still is a true pleasure!! I swear that ass has only gotten thicker the older she gets!!

Dangerous Moment

I’m on my bed I’m reading my Kindle when a painful belly sickness let me complain … the reading is very interesting I don’t want go to the toilet … but my belly it’s soooo sick does not wait … what will happen? Oh my god a strong huge soft shit come out on my bed! I need to go to the floor and poo In my green carafe! You can see my ass dirty… my smelly and dirty bed… What a fantastic poo session!

Slave Training Fully Loaded! – Part 3

She sits on his face and squirts diarrhea right into his face. She rubs her ass to spread the shit all over his face and shows him who’s the motherfucking boss.