Pee Hole Clip

Mistress Feeds Toilet Slave With Her Delicious Shit

Time for your meal, slave! Look what I got for you. Do you like the smell? I was very constipated, this piece of shit is really hard, I hope you have good teeth. Open your mouth wide and stick it in. Taste my delicious caviar. Let it melt on your tongue and swallow everything!You like that? You don’t seem thankful enough. I want you to beg me.Tell me how much you want to eat my delicious caviar. Savour this moment, this doesn’t happen everyday. My poop of very hard and the taste is strong and concentrated. But you like that, don’t you? I love knowing that you eat all my waste. Nothing is lost. You’ll eat everything that gets out of my body. This is what you are useful for. You were born to serve me as a toilet slave! You have to eat everything until the last bite. Then I want you to lick the plate clean. Who knows when the next time is going to be? (There is no pooping scene in the video.)* Find more scat videos on *

First Poo Into Black Mask Slave

195.2 So…. this clip is in english and it is my first poo’s video with this new slave. I want to say you this is the BEST EATER i never had, Black Mask (this is the name i give at my slave) eat all and fast, you can not believe! Let you see. And he eat every day for a week!!!!! MP4

Hey Slave, Take Your Position Under The Shitter

Girls uses Man