Pee Hole Exam

Fresh Shit Out Of Her Ass!

It’s easy money, why not? All she has to do is to show tits and ass, squat and then produce fresh scat for this crazy customer. She takes off her clothes, thankful that she has nice underwear. She removes them and holds up her tits and ass for his inspection. She sits and kneels on the sofa for a more titillating display. She steps on two chairs to squat over a glass bowl on the floor. She ejects soft pieces of scat, remnants of her late lunch. She holds the bowl and using chopsticks, tries a little bite of her own shit.

A Large Portion Of Shit For My Slave -2 So Close!

The slave is always better trained. this time he eats the entire portion shit. the lady is proud of him, as an ordinary slave must be..this camera is so close on the delicious ashole an shot of the lady bella

Diarrhea Compilation

For many fans of the genre here is a compilation that contains six of my best clips at a special price. If you are suffering from diarrhea, you can not let it go! It includes the following clip:* My Creamy Shit Is Waiting For You* Diarrhea Endless* Pee and Diarrhea* Diarrhea Shower* Piss or Diarrhea, Which Ones Do You Prefer?* Creamy Sauce Summer

Pooping In My Kitchen Sink!

I promised you guys I was gonna try and poop in every corner of my new apartment and this time it’s the kitchen sink! Come watch me climb onto the sink and shit out a nice hard turd…