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Patient Loves Piss And Feces! – Part 2

Eventually, the sweetheart gives the man his other fetish, which is feces, by defecating on his chest! After releasing a couple of lumps, she smells her poop! She then reaches for his dick and gives him a handjob and blowjob, only stopping after he cums inside her mouth! She then makes everything disappear by swallowing! For the finale, the man gives her an enema and has her defecate around the place until she couldnÂ’t release anymore!

Shit On Me Please

I am playing with my pussy getting close to cumming and need Daddy to help me CUM. He straddles my chest and takes a huge dump right on my stomach and tits!! Getting me hotter and hotter he then pisses on me as I rub it in, pissing on my clit and his shit. I bang my pussy till I cum really hard. ENJOY!! From your favorite couple and redhead with huge boobs and the most beautiful prolapse rosebud!

Chocolate Chunks

Here is another nice chunky shit coming out of my ass. I am getting turned on at the thought of you, the paying customer scooping up some of my hot butt mess (from the bowl) and chewing it slowly for like 5 minutes before swallowing. Does the thought of it turn u on as much as it does me? Mmmmm now my pussy is wet.

Vomit Cats 03 Second Cam

This is the same clip like Vomit Cats 03, but from a different camera angle. The Cats vomit in a bowl, it is a liter or two of vomit inside. Then they make the slave drink all this yummy puke glas by glas spiting inside again and again and telling him what a loser he is!