Pee Hole Licking

The Beginner P2

Now it’s time to shit into the mouth from the beginner. His place is now under the toilet seat. This is the right place for a real toilet slave. His horniness is unmistakable and he opens his mouth wide. Mistress Michelle pushes and it swells a big turd of shit out and falls directly into the slaves mouth. He is overwhelmed, with this portion of shit he has not thought. After Mistress Michelle has crapped the toilet slave in his mouth, she animates the slave to swallow the shit step by step. Now he is still a beginner slave, but he manage something. He is allowed to take away the rest of the shit to eat it later.

Sweet Girl Princess Mia

Mia is the most beautiful model of our studio. She is fond of humilating men and loves turning them into her slaves.Mia pleases her slave every morning. Every morning she shits into the slave’s mouth. The lady is beautiful and young. Her beautiful and tasty chocolates fill the mouth of the slave.

I Shit In The White Jeans

First,i Piss in my white Jeans,then i must shitting…..he comes hard shitting,ah,then comes more shit,very big!! I smeared my Ass and Jeans with the shit fully!! Then you see my Jeans full with shit!!