Pee Holes Closecropped

Diva Staxxx’s Two Front Storm!!

Diva Staxxx’s was channeling on of my favorite heroines in this clip!! Enjoy as she takes you “Behind the Scene’s” in more ways than one!! In the latest from her Dual Angle perspective ENjoy as she takes you both in front the camera and behind it both from the angles she uses and her setup!! Enjoy as she spreads nice and wide to show the splacks fall in the bowl from overhead, and enjoy her facial expressions, grunting, straining, tit and belly rubbing from the front camera at her feet! Two more ways to enjoy one or your favorite Asses!!

Femdom Mouth Shit And Piss Savings Clip!

Here I have for the bargain hunters among you,only the horny shit in the mouth and piss in the mouth scenes from my Full toilet Slavery and FemDom video:Shit-Storm for a shit-eating toilet slave! You see a total of 3 times in the Slaves-mouth shitting and 3 times in the slaves mouth pissing of 3 different cameras!

Pooping On Scooby Doo!

My favorite cartoon character is Scooby Doo and I have a surprise for you guys…well a surprise for Scooby really, LOL! I’m gonna shit and piss all over my Scooby items and you can just imagine that was you 😉 Have fun guys!!!