Pee Housplant

Looser P3

The toilet slave, who has applied, is now lying on the floor with the shit in his mouth and looks at the Scatqueens. He can not swallow it. A loser. So that he gets used to the smell and taste, his head is wrapped in foil with the shit in it. Lady Missy shits and pisses again in a bowl and spits on top. The slave gets his ration home and must thank on his knees at the Scatqueens.

Deserve Breakfast From Mistress Janet!

My toilet slave was very hungry today. This is his breakfast! I cook and serve at the same time, because I real Mistress. I shitting right on the plate, in front of his nose . It is looking so delicious … and my shit smelling so wonderful. I will feed him with a spoon and he must eat all my shit. mmm … so delicious! He will also have to serve me as toilet paper. Lick my shitty asshole!

Have A Sip Of Manure Soup

After Miss Jane has slapped the slave and pissed into his bowl, she feeds the slave pig until the bowl is empty.