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Goodness Grace’s New Explosions And Logs!!

Goodness Grace is back once again with another Amazing pair of clips!! She is an absolute Machine when it comes down to it!! Enjoy as she begins this one with a quick, EXPLOSIVE case of the Bubbleguts, as she squatted over the bowl to drop a suprising blast of diarrhea that caught her off guard!! She wasn’t expecting all of that!! LOL she wasn’t done there however, as she takes the action to all fours as she spreads and pushes out pee and a few nuggets before finally pushing out the big one!! Wouldn’t be a Goodness Grace clip with out one massive log right? Goodness Grace Has been dropping em like it was hot all summer, this is just another to add to the collection!!

Eat It All

My slave myst eat all my brown gold before I`m happy. Can he do that…

The Couple That Poops Together, Makes A Better Video!!

We’re back with another Double Dooty feature!! Enjoy as I record Dumping Darling as she gets to go shit first. Enjoy as she cranks out her usual Fat Girl Plops. Enjoy as I tease her. My baby may have an ugly booty, but damn if beautiful things don’t fall out!!! While she is pooping I catch the urge too. I rush her off the toilet and take a big shit of my own!! Then enjoy afterwards as Dumping Darling starts feeling me up!!! She loves my plump tits and juicy ass!! More Double Dumping as two is always better than one!!