Pee In Bed And Breakfast

6 Girls. Shit In The Pot!

6 girls. Shit in the pot! Feeding from the pot is the most comfortable for the girl – the girl sitting on the pot does not smell! The smell is completely closed in the pot! When the girl gets out of the pot there is a strong smell, but the girl at this moment moves away. It is time for the toilet slave to work – he comes to the pot and feels a strong smell and knows that he should eat it! Eating from a pot or a plate is one of the most difficult to eat, as the slave feels a strong smell and sees the female shit in front of him. All girls have very different tastes and smells, so for a slave – this is a surprise every time. In the process of feeding the girls stood nearby. You can see with what deep contempt the girls looked at him – for them, he is the lowest creature: an animal, a thing, a toilet.

Slave Super Like To Eat Excrement

The queen standing in the toilet it, for the slave’s mouth began to move bowels. Slaves to eat special sweet


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Shitting On Top Of The Ladder (hd)

Hi Guys!We painted our flat, and when I painted the wall, climbed the ladder and then I shit. The shit was big and thick. Then I was lying on the dirty floor and peed. My pee bubbling from my pussy. Then I fucked my man. He had an orgasm. I was filthy and paint. I was sticky.