Pee In Bedbreakfast

Peeing On My Car (inside View)

Now I have treated you well long enough, so now it is time to demonstrate my power over you! I will spit on you, and you will enjoy every drop of my precious Saliva! You like it? Good, because I really don’t care.. I will just continue spitting on you..Ohh wait I can think of one more thing you may deserve! I pull my pants down, and look there’s my pussy.. So you know what a pussy can do? Well here is what I want to do with you! I will just piss on you.. from the top, from the bottom.. can you feel my warm, champagne running down your window?Good now you know your place!(This clip was recorded from inside the car)

Renee’s Easter Eggs!!!

Renee was in a holiday mood last weekend!! Enjoy as she dropped a nice load of those nice “Cadburry Chocolate Bunnies” from out her ass into a container!!! She was really dropping some Rotten Eggs in this clip!!! You get to enjoy those classic Brown Sinker turpeedoes she’s know for up close and personal!!!

Naughty Nympho Awaits You! Part 2

You can fuck her doggy style or down on the floor. You can urinate on her and shower cum all over her body. You can even bring in a friend, no sweat.

Useless Husband Used As Toilet Bowl!

A fine wife with a useless husband and is a freak who fantasies of her pissing on him and shitting on him? so she made him her toilet! She put him where he belongs, in the BASEMENT where he is held up most of the time! As he is no use of anything else but being her toilet! She set him up with a matching toilet stool she is all set up to take a piss and shit on him any time the nature calls!