Pee In Bikini

Mistress Gaia – A Bit Of Shit, But A Lot Of Piss

Today I have only a little shit for you, slave, but a lot of piss. Although little, however, my shit is always delicious and you will have to eat it all, is that clear? The delicacies must not be wasted!

Pool Piss Party 09

Imagine 20 girls pissing on you in the pool! That is the story of our Piss Pool Party Series. Princess Nikki invites all her friends to come for pissing on a slave. The girls spit at him all the time let him licke dirty shoes and let him drink piss! Part 9 staring Princess Nikki, Princess Lian Parker, Princess Mini, Princess Giant

Mistress Missy Delivers A Mud Slide Ipod/iphone

Its Mistress Rayvens slaves birthday today and she gives him the best birthday a slave could have. She gives him a beautiful view of the gorgeous ass he loves being under so much. Best of all she baked him a German chocolate cake with ice cream and a nice bountiful helping of her own brand of chocolate and gets to lick her clean.