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First Steps Of Toilet Slavery

My toilet slavegirl will taste my shit for the first time! She is still having fun, does not know what awaits her and that very soon she will eat his pounds. Soon, very soon, I will teach her to be my proper toilet. So, the training begins

Professor Eating The Feces Of Submissive Students! – Part 1

In the middle of the class, the professor gets bored so he decides to tell the ladies to standup! When they naively complied, he proceeds to further take advantage of them! One-by-one, he lifts up their skirt and then takes off their panties! After which, he finger fucks their pussies! When he gets satisfied, he stops and then orders the two to finger fuck each other!

101 Days Of Shit – Part 3

My ass letting out endless stream of scat; hard, soft, big, long and golden streams!!!Over 30 minutes of scat releases at increasingly more appetizing angles and a handful of farts + piss shows. This is what happens in my bathroom on the daily and your mouth is invited.Part 3 of 3Add me on Snapchat and Twitter: @MistressOfYou

Domestic Toilet Slave 24/7

She doesn’t need shoes or bags from her pussy-whipped husband; all she needs is that he serves as a human toilet when her scat fetish is on. So she squats over her hubby and pisses right on his face. She makes him drink it all.