Pee In My Mouth Lesbian

Shit Eating Compilation 3

See 5 great moments of shit eating. Watch me shitting directly into my slaves mouth.


Intimate view of being stretched out by a nice poop! Close-up ending. Dual angles (PiP).

Melissa’s Home & Away Ass Antics!!

Enjoy as Melissa Returns with Four Great clips!! Enjoy as she pees and p10ps reverse kacken style! Then enjoy a great POV clip and another clip from a public toilet as you get to see her and another woman pee up a storm!! Four juicy clips of that juicy ass as well!!

Mercy Overdue With Diana

Now this is special ! Our Guest Slave and his Punishment for being a Peeking Tom : Diana put him in Hand Cuffs standing on him with High Heels him wining and wining. Then he had to swallow all of her Diarrhea and then under Water under her Butt. Oh Man, this came out nice. This Movie is definately one of our Masterpieces