Pee In Storedressing Room

Shit Eating And Shit Facesitting

Be my personal toilet slave. You lie on the bed and I just sit with my panties on your face. I challenge you to lick me. But to make your job easier I take off the panties. You can lick my pussy and my ass hole.Then I shit a big load in your mouth and urge you to swallow everything. With my pee in your mouth you are doing your job quite well. To the reward you get a face sitting, in which you must lick intensively my dirty ass. Because you have done your job well, I jerk your cock up to a satisfied cum shot.This video was filmed with 2 cameras to see the crucial moments 2 times from different perspectives.

Open Mouth Is Allowed To Eat Shit

I’m with Cherie in the studio, as she asks me for a suitable toilet slave to shit in as she needs to go very urgently. Of course I got her a suitable toilet-pig. Whether or not it completely swallows the huge sausages and the piss of Miss Cherie under our supervision you can see in this video. *smile*


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