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Shitting For Love Shit Eater

My friend also likes to tease his favorite shit-eater. She’s a Beautiful BBW, her beautiful ass shits profusely, a lot and smelly. Thoroughly approaching the case, she shat a bunch of shit and began to play with him, knead his hands and smear.

Dirty Solo Home Enema! – Part 2

Part 2 – Now that the sweetheart is finished giving herself an enema, she wears her panties and then defecates! When she could no longer release anymore, she takes off her underwear and then spreads her poop all over in front of her! Though, shortly after, her asshole starts acting up again! Apparently, she hasn’t released all of it, so she proceeds to add more feces into her existing mess before playing with them to her heart’s content!

Shit On The Floor

I am shiting and pee specially for you on the floor. Next I am showing you my beautiful shit

Livia The Scat Girl Ii

See Livia masturbating with Scat. Smearing the scat all over her body, playing with dildo and tasting scat.