Pee King Brother

Puke And Shit Makes Him Her Bitch!

Giving her shoes, clothes, and a hot car ain’t enough for this nasty bitch. She needs to lord it over her man in the dirtiest way possible. Her smitten man is only too willing to take her shit, literally. She sits on his face, makes him eat her cunt, and then takes a dump right into it. She also pukes on him, mixing the shit and puke all over his skin. She makes him eat and smell all over bodily wastes and fluids, which is the ultimate way to show him he’s HER bitch!

Desperate To Pee And Pissing In A Glass Cup With Hairy Pussy Close-up

I woke up too late this morning and I had to go straight to the dentist office for an apointment. When I came back home my bladder was so full I almost peed in my pants. I was desperate to finally empty my bladder. I remove my pants then piss in a glass cup. My pee is splashing everywhere in the cup and on my thighs. I show you how much pee I collected then I pour it in the sink.

Aphrodisia: Better Than Viagra!

Newly married, my American husband took Me on our honeymoon with high hopes for his obedient Caribbean wife and her cooking skills. This is his first lesson on blissful marital meals.

P – Mw – Pee In Mouth – Full – 02 – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 19:11. Weronika pee to her personal slave mouth. He is her toilet slave.