Pee King Hair

Christina Came To Me From A Nightclub

Christina came to me from a nightclub. Christina called me at night and said – my boyfriend and I are in a nightclub and I want to shit, we will come to you now! Her boyfriend was waiting in the car, and his girlfriend shit in my mouth – this is a great feeling!

Goddess Andreaa Bathroom Play After Humiliation

Today Goddess Andreea use her slave in many ways, humiliated him and break him down. She love to use her pathetic toilet everyday but after a bdsm session she remain alone at home, and ready to piss and shit !! She playing with herself a little then she goes straight to bathroom and use her wc to can release. She was dressing today in black pantyhose and high heels.

Pathetic Human Toilet Lives For Eating Shit! – Part 2

She ejects a day’s worth of shit, dumping it into his hungry mouth! He swallows every morsel of shit as if it’s manna.

Close Up

slave’s POV show a nice view of mistress shitting in his mouth with two others watching