Pee King Into Windows

German Mistress Have Fun With Slave

The slave has to suffer several different torments. So he has to lick the boots of the lady, is fucked with the strapon, she is trampling on him and he must also serve her as a full living toilet. So he drinks her piss and swallows her shit completely. Before he is allowed to cum, he gets an extended facesitting.

Female Prostitute Smothered In Her Own Feces! – Part 2

When man exposed his dick, he proceeds to make the sweetheart give him a blowjob! It didn’t take long before he gets contented and moves on to his next activity! He grabs a vibrator and then teases the lady’s pussy with it! Shortly after, he directs his attention to her asshole and gives her an enema! Immediately right after, she defecates on where she sits! Caught off-guard, the immediate response of the man is to pick up her poop and then put it on her clothes! He then proceeds to smear it all over!

The New One

There is a knocking on the door and then a new slave crawls in. We ask him what he likes to do and what he does not like. He said, that he can not imagine to swallow the piss of his mistress. Because it is the right place, he was allowed to lie down simultaneously with open mouth and learn how few I am interested in his taboos. Jane and I needed to go, so this slave was just right for us – so we pissed into his mouth extensively *smile*.