Pee Late Accident

Mistress Roberta Dirty Socks With Her Toilet

Mistress Roberta is back after 2-3 weeks. She just find another location where she can make her dirty movies ! Today she will use her pathetic slut for a socks session, smelling, sniffing, licking her dirty socks….and a nice shitting in his mouth. The new place is great for a morning scat session ! The toilet must consume all her kaviar because Mistress Roberta was in a hurry and wait for her friend.

My Piss Party

I have invited 6 girlfriends to my party, and one slave to serve us however we choose. But it is a party, and champagne is a very accepted drink. But for the slave we are not talking about the boring bottled one, No! We are talking about champagne directly from all our pussies. So we gather around him, and the pee party start. We take turns in peeing in his mouth, and he have to use his tongue as our toilet paper when we are done! This should be an perfect evening of toilet slavery for my slave!

Wife Cooks Shit-breaded Steak For Her Husband! – Full Movie

Her husband is coming home in a couple of hours and she must prepare his dinner. He likes his steak well-done and breaded with a special ingredient – her scat! So she takes off her panties and sits over a bowl. She ejects soft shit with some piss as well. She’s now ready to cook the steak!