Pee Mom Her Self

Shit To Pants – First Time

This is my first video and first time that i was shit in to pants – nylons. It was beautiful feeling and i will definitely continue with this:)It was in my bathroom in the tub. I was holding this shit for 1 day. First it go piss, very nice feeling as well, and then of course smelly soft shit.When is my pants full, i smear it. My friend who was filming, smearing and pushing to full pants as well. Then i tear up the nylons and smearing all around my ass.

A Gigantic Shitbomb..

Jody did a monster turd today, after some great dinner tonight…. – fantastic closeup and picture quality!!!

Thalias Toilet Boy

This Toilet Guy made me mad, so I used him as Toilet and then I showed what he could be good for. And that was really good !!! Makes him a little less worthless ! Fucking Freak !