Pee Ng On Him

Dirty Scat-vomit Session

Oh what fun for the three girls. I told my girls, that today we give a loser the dirtiest session of his life. The slave I fixed accordingly, is in the facebox and can barely breath because Lady Elaysa sits right on his face. Then he is allowed to open his slaves mouth so I can get over it. The loser does not have a chance, he hardly manages to eat my shit because there is already pee of mine and Domi in his mouth. As a small encore, Domi still pounds in his mouth, which makes Lady Elaysa so bad that she also pukes over his skull. I make sure that the whole shit, piss and vomit finds the way into his stomach.

Going Through Scat Slave Training – Part 4

She sits on the girl’s face and unloads her own shit for her to eat. They finish the disgusting session by rolling around the floor and covering themselves with the slimy food remains.


Milena is hot farting hot on the throne!

He Lives To Eat Her Sticky, Smelly Scat! – Full Movie

Her older lover is so pussy-whipped he’ll do anything for her. So when she tells him to eat her scat, he willingly lies down and waits for her to shit on his face. She spits on his mouth and rubs her ass on his face as foreplay. Then she squats over his face and commands him to open his mouth. She unloads the sticky remnants of last night’s dinner on his face.