Pee Ning Panties

A King’s True Touch!

Yuna and Akari’s tongue dueled with each other as they try to outdid one another in sucking the Master’s swollen dick. The Master’s dick was tickled pink and his bladder was just about ready to explode. Aiming well, he releases a powerful stream of pee in Yuna’s waiting mouth. The pee tasted bitter and salty, and she was compelled to swallow it in large mouthfuls to keep up with the Master. Bending over, Akari’s anus gave out a tiny pip as the large enema was pushed in to inoculate her bowels. The smell of her shit, mixed with the Master’s pee gave the room a heady smell, a sex smell, fit for a true king.

Goddess Zelda’s Pumkin Suprise!!

Goddess Zelda is back in effect!! Attention subjects!!! You’re goddess has been busy, but seeing as she missed Halloween, she still said better late than never and delivers in my humble opinion – her best clip ever!! Enjoy As she lets you decide what’s rounder or plumper – that delicious Pumpkin she is about to have fun with in the video – or her juicy ass!!! Enjoy as she teases you with her own Pumpkin Pie, slapping it, spreading it, grabbing it all while talking ever so seductively!! Then enjoy as this seductive witch goes and gets her magic wand – the kind she uses for that delicious pussy of hers!! Enjoy as she uses the wand to help summon one of the longest turds ever to fall out her ass!!! This was quite the Chocolate Treat for you still with a Sweet Tooth from Halloween!!!

Astrid Dance

One of our older Videos with beautifull Astrid. She is the only Girl, we needed to suspend for being to cruel and cold. The Slave accused her of braking his Rib and Hand on Purpose during other filming Occasions.English Subtitles