Pee Old Ing Need Bathroom Almost Make

Man Gulps Down The Piss Of Two Vengeful Ladies! – Part 1

After the ladies laid the man on the floor, they proceed to step all over his body to inflict pain and agony! Their efforts served effective especially that they include stomping his crotch! At this point, he is lying in defeat, making it easy for one of the women to piss all over his face! Eventually, the other sweetheart takes her turn to urinate but she serves her pussy directly in his mouth, causing him to swallow mouthfuls of her piss!

Roxy Just Pee In Your Mouth

A short clip of Princess Roxy pissing in slaves mouth

Legs Spread Wide Open On The Toilet!

I haven’t done a clip sitting on the toilet in a while and in this one I spread my legs wide open for you, placing one foot on the door knob while I shit out huge turds into the toilet. After shitting and pissing, I flush to let you see the goodies go down the drain…I know you wish you had those nice smelly turds right in your hands, playing with them and masturbating…you nasty boy 🙂