Pee On Myahela

Scat In Slaves Mouth

First my slave has to lick my clogs and my nylon feet. then i shit him a huge pile in his mouth and his face. i smear the shit with my feet. i took some of the scat hand give him with it a hard handjob.

Kittplay Litterbox Desperation

I make quite the adorable little kitten don’t I? Kitty has to use her litter-box! I’ve been fighting in my urge to go all day long so be ready to enjoy 2 thick streams of pee & 2 heavy loads of shit from this kitten. of course I cover my droppings when I’m all finished! 🙂 (GIF doesn’t represent quality of the video!!! Yezzclips’ uploader makes my GIFS very glitchy and I’m working on fixing that but all my videos are in 1080p HD!!) ***DO NOT REPOST OR REDISTRIBUTE MY VIDEOS!!!***

Gangbanged In The Female Urinal! Part 1

They grab at her and played with her tits, mashing them and biting her nipples. They keep her mouth open and they spit on her mouth, one after the other. They keep playing with her saliva-filled tits and make her feel like the bitch that she is.