Pee On New Years Eve


Pooping over the edge of a glass table in red heels!Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

Mistress Roberta – Noisy Shitting With Loud Farts-pov

Today i do a very noisy farting while i take the shit out of my ass, as the farts are going out in the same time with the shit but first i pee so i can do a total breakfast with pee, shit and farts all deliciously great for you.

Photoshooting 2 And Kaviar Eating From Bowl

Another photoshooting session with Goddess Anita before she really humiliate her personal cameraman and toilet slave. She adore to pose for camera, to exchange many different catsuits and panty !! She was so horny after all that she was ready to deliver 2 kg of shitty turds directly into her slave mouth. Then she get a bowl and put all her shit inside and order to her slave to start eating !

Captured Slave In Dungeon! – Part 1

They make him wear a mask and a collar on his neck. They use a stick to prod into the nooks and crannies of his body, including his asshole.