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Take Your Xmas Farts

Today I have a special gass for your Xmas dinner! Hurry up and take i! I am teasing your cock and order to sniff all my stinky farts!

Mistresses Punish Playboy By Puking And Pissing At Him! – Part 1

After making him drink piss, they stuff a lace panty on his mouth to make him gag. To make him suffer more, they puked on the funnel and make him swallow all of it!

Mega Beam Under The Skirt!

After I have been traveling in the fine weather again ventured boldly in a short dress with no panties and high heels and I parked my car in the parking lot of my apartment building, I had to pee urgently. Since I no longer made it to my apartment, I just lifted, my skirt in the parking lot and in the stand I pissed a mega pissbeam on the street pavement!