Pee Out Her Nose

Morning Scat

Morning Scat taken with the smartphone.See how the anus expands when passing the stool.

Professor Makes Good Use Of Three Mind-controlled Schoolgirls! – Part 4

One after the other, the man eats the asses of the sweethearts! Though, this is still the warm up! He later makes things more interesting by penetrating them anally with different objects! At first, he uses a swab which he would repeatedly lick and suck!

Gorgeous Diarheea Made By Mistress In Spandex Leggings !!!

Godess wear a high heels, so sexy, and put a pair of black spandex leggings, to can fill them with hot shit and diarheea !!! It was exactly as Godess expected, a hugeee torent of diarheea fill her leggings and she was so messy on ass, pussy and more than that. she wrote a message for her toilet slaves, means, you, will be her toilet, soon !! A very nice and sexy clip made by mistress herself, in bathroom with camera on tripod. Tomorrow we will make a new movie, toilet slavery request from a member of us. Stay tuned and take this offer until 31.12.2015 please !!!

The Toilet In The Living Room

Our living ottoman is out of luck today. We do not like his look, and also we have no desire to run to the loo. Instead, we simply use his face as a toilet.I have a shit and Miss Jane pisses him in the mouth. What goes wrong, he must lick from the ground with his tongue. To motivate him a little bit, we trample around on him.