Pee Pants And Dance

Wife & Mistress Against Man! – Part 3

They shit on the floor and smear the liquid scat all over his face! They make him lie face down so he can lick the remaining shit on the floor!

Winner Of March For True Toiletslave Experience He Choose Eva And She Have Made Him Eat Every Bite!

Each month we pick one of our customer to offer him a toiletslave experience and this one have big turd from eva pushed in his throat and he is whipped until he have eated all!! Sorry for the price we cant sell at a lower price on this site because the lenght is too long

Chair And Shit (hd)

Hi Guys! Today I recorded the video, as the shit out of me goes. I was sitting on a chair was not the bottom. I put down the camera to the floor and I put a bowl under the chair and feel into the shit. Then I peed. All this before I caught a vibrator and satisfield myself. At the end of the film, I sat in the shit and than masturbation again. It was very good. The slap flowed over the shit.