Pee Ping Asian

Morning Pot For Mistress Victoria

Today the pot is serving Mistress Victoria being his human toilet but when she comes to pee the shit comes also in the same time and she gives the pot a golden and brown shower directly on the pot’s mouth and after gather all the shit and feed him with it, and smear all his body, enjoy.

Drink My Pee Slave – 12

I love to see my worm drinking my pee… This time I pissed in a champagne flut, then I order him to drink it all!

Vfex 1+2 Part 1/7

Enjoy the fascinating secret sounds of Girls farting, pooping, grunting, groaning and pissing. This is part 1/7 of the unique VFEX Series (Exhibition Trade fair) which was created in May 2014. Many natural toilet scenes on 4 toilets and in this part with 18 amazing girls. Enjoy!!

Messy Butt

shitty view 4u,enjoy!!!