Pee Ping Feet

Shit On The Body 2

I shit today just a huge pile of shit. I smear shit on my body, on boobs, belly and pussy. Now I’m in the bathroom and start to wash this shit off the body. I’m stinking.

My First Solo Scat Smearing

This video i will play and smear shit in my face and breast. Also i taste and eat a little.

See My Shitty Ass And Pussy Play!

Oh my! This is the longest video I’ve done so far. Highest image quality, close ups, so, you can even feel my ass near you! You probably wanna cum with me while I’m playing with my shit? So, you are at the right place! In this video you gonna see how I put dildo up my asshole while it becomes all shitty mhmm… I put my fingers in the ass too. I poop and start smearing it over my ass and pussy. Then I take shitty vibrator to please myself! Mhmmm that’s so hot, that smell keeps turning me on 😉 Watch me till the end where I get orgasm in a doggy style pose!Yours Linda

Addicted To Human Toilets!

When nature calls, she doesn’t just head straight to a normal toilet. She can’t pee or defecate properly without a mouth waiting to take in all her shit. So now she sits above a human toilet, her skirt and panties hiked up. She unloads her warm pee all over the guy’s face. He takes it all in, feeling the warm liquid all over his face and on his mouth and now for her all time favorite another human tissue who eagerly wait to clean her pussy and ass for her!