Pee Ping Hidden Spy Cam

Mistress Toilet Femdom

I have pain in my stomach this morning. My slave has been waiting for me all night in the toilet. I am not in a good mood and he has to pay me. After I have morning masturbate, I shoot a smelly shit in his mouth. This means that there would be something more for him this morning. He sealed his mouth and lips over my asshole so no smell or anything else can go out. His reward for this good job is delicious shit breakfast. Yes, I am cruel, but he is not a Human been anymore he is an toilet, a toy for my amusement. ?

My Ass From Behind

This video for your fan who loves to watch my sexy butt during the poop.These are two movies with my beautiful ass and shit.

Shit For Slave No 16

The Mistress has a slave no16 is housed in a sling and feeds him his shit with a spoon