Pee Ping Holesocks

Part 2.princess Anabelle And Toilet Slavery

9/2/2018Toilet bowl for Princess.Part 1MorningEvening :)Princess Anabelle and Toilet Slavery

Cbt, Face Sitting And Shit Feeding With Mistress Victoria

Today Mistress Victoria is using the pot the way she pleases so first she presses the cock and balls with her bare feet and after she does some face sitting and after a while she pee and shit in the slaves mouth pushing the shit down his troat with her hand so he can eat all the shit, enjoy!

Leona’s Scatfuck Session – Great Third Camera – Part 2

This is footage from the Third camera. Very good one.Hello people. This is Leona, you have seing my films made together with Matilda, and today we want to present you my personal scat movie.What you are going to see here today? Dry words. Vomit, Piss, Shitting, smearing, all kinds of sex including anal. Around 40 minutes of Pure Pleasure.Enjoy the show!Shit kisses to everybody.Leona