Pee Ping Maid

Wet Pants ** Pissing **

I just got out of bed and brush my teeth. The pressure in my bladder became higher as I moved so I could not stop the hot urine anymore. My piss went fully into the pants and ran me rippling on the floor – where my feet stuck in socks and old pines. Do I have to be embarrassed now? My glans now smells full of urine. With toothbrush and toothpaste, I make the times a little clean. Piss with Menthol..wäre a horny invention

Shitting While Fucking

Shitting while fucking (JJ000457)

Pooping On Leather Chair

I just woke up and have to take another huge poopy! I decide to use my leather high chair for this one as I straddle the chair backwards. And oh! What a nasty one…I had broccoli last night 😉


Angel is sexy filling violet spandex tights;)