Pee Ping Momemade

3 Girls Powerfully Fed Me With Their Shit And Urine

3 girls powerfully fed me with their shit and urine. It was fantastically cool – Christina, Jana and Amina (Amina drank a laxative, because she was afraid that there would be constipation – I found out about this before the session) used me in turn. The first was Yana, she always had liquid shit, but there was a lot of it – she was well prepared! The second was Christina – her shit was less liquid and stronger to taste, it was more difficult to swallow. As always, Christina urged me hard, making me swallow faster, and at the end I drank a large portion of my beautiful urine. Amina went into the third room – her shit was the coolest – liquid, orange diarrhea – I saw this for the first time, at that moment it was difficult for me, but I could. So Amina has given me a large dose of urine.===I almost did not smell, but the tastes of the girls were very, very different, if I was with my eyes closed, I would easily recognize the girl to the taste of her shit. It was amazing to feel so many different flavors and know that I should swallow everything so that the girls were satisfied. It’s cool to know that every next girl does not know what was before her and it does not bother her – her goal is to feed me her shit and leave this smelly room. Cool and scary when you do not know what a surprise for you prepared the next girl. At the time when one of the girls was in the room, the other two were in the corridor and chatted cheerfully and listened to music. Before the session, Amina drank 3 glasses of vodka to relax and smoked – she was worried because this is her first session. The girls had a great time! If a fourth girl had come into the room, it would have been fucking cool, but I do not know if I could …===I reviewed this video 3 times, I still can not believe that I did it – I served three very stinking and beautiful girls!

Alina Shit In Tights

Alina shit in tights

Introducing Ebony Jewel!! Another ?diamond In The Ruff?!!!

All my regular followers know the routine by now, another new month, ANOTHER new Funky Lady!!! This is another that will go down as one of my greatest hauls ever!!! Ebony Jewel is one of the most delicious asses I have ever seen and one that will sure to be one of the most talked about ladies yet!! This is by far one of the juiciest asses I have ever seen!! Enjoy as tries something new after a whole lot of convincing!!! Y?all don?t have any idea how hard it is to get great ebony talent, but when a plan works out OH MY!! This shy model was reluctant at first, but once she got comfortable, oh man!! enjoy as she lets rip in a nice four clip set. Boy the noises coming out that ass!!! This girl is so damn fine, my heart skipped a beat the moment I saw that juicy bubblebutt sit down on the pot!! When people ask what I like ? Models like this are EXACTLY what I hoped to one day get into this fetish!! She is still getting comfortable, but look for more hot action from her coming soon!! This is another great FUNKY introduction!! Ebony Jewel will soon be one of your new favorites as well!!!

Eating Miss Cinnamons Shit Dog 720p

Big booty goddess Miss Cinnamon interupts the toilets lunch of hot dogs with a meal of her own and replaces the hot dogs with her shit logs for the toilet to eat. What a great meal for any toilet slave to eat. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats.