Pee Ping Showerbath

Outdoor Pissing And Pee Drinking!

Two ladies had too much to drink in a sidewalk food stall so they need to pee! Being the small business that it is, they don’t have a comfort room so the two are left with finding an alternative! What they do instead is go in the middle of a spare lot, take off their lower garments, and then relieve their selves! One is standing and peeing into the mouth of the other, who is gulping every last drop of it, while she is crouching and urinating directly on the ground! They then go back to the eatery as if nothing unusual just happened!

Anal Fucking Then Playing With Shit

In the first part a nice anal fucking scene. In the part 2, a dirty shitting scene with a fisting from the girl then sucking her boyfriend cock with shit on her face and mouth !

Enema Mania – Full Movie

Full movie 720×480… Two slaves visit a enema clinic so that they can be used and abused as scat slaves! The clinic is full equipped with skilled workers so sexy, and so cruel that the slaves PAY to visit and consume the freshly served scat samples that are available to them there. To see the sexy practitioners getting their sexy asses filled with their enemas and then releasing the contents of their colon into the mouths of the slaves is EPIC!