Pee Ping Showerbathplaying

Mistess Roberta -ass Worship, Farting, And Shit Play

Today my pot is the most happy slave because he gets to be near my ass but to begin he haves to kiss my feet first and after i do some face sitting, ass worship and some farting before shitting in his mouth while sitting on the toilet chair so i can shit all i have in his mouth filling his face with soft creamy poop and all the extra i put it on his cock and balls and his chest, belly filling him with shit and order him to stroke his cock, enjoy!

Smoke N Poop

Taking a smoke break while pissing and taking a dump. I walked in wearing my matching Cami panty set but I had to take the panties completely to get comfortable.You will also see bits of my face, flicking ash in the toilet, putting my cig out, wiping, flushing, and putting my panties back on.

Eat My Shit, Toiletslave!!!(1)

slowly comes the delicious shit out of my ass directly into the mouth of my toiletslave…he chokes, what a ingratitude!!