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Honey Brown’s New Office Public Peeing, Poots & Dumps!!

Honey Brown is back and busy!! This sexy MILF is one of the hardest working ladies on my site!! When you live in NYC like she does, you gotta have many hustles!!! Anyways She has moved to a new office gig with a small bathroom. She HATES having to go #2 in there as she is embarassed that anyone might walk in after one of her potent dumps!!! But hey, nature calls!!! Enjoy Four Great scenes. Forgive the sequencing, however!! Early in the day she recorded a quick peeing scene. As she was wiping she started to feel a little gas bubble, she turns her sexy ass towards the camera and let out a quick poot – a rare one from Honey Brown as she doesn’t catch her farts often!. She did a sexy lingerie peeing clip at home I added in as well in the second scene. But the third scene is where the fun begins!! Not too long after that pee and fart, she feels the urge to come back and drop a few in the pool! Enjoy as she hovers and turns her ass towards the camera to let out her splashers!! Then later that evening while at her other job, she has to take another rare public dump!!! Enjoy as she puts the camera behind the seat and squats that sexy ass right in front the camera to drop the browns!! Four HOT scenes, two peeing, and two dumps.

Fat Smelly Shit

Be my human toilet slave while I am playing my favourite game on the TV. Take this BIG FAT SHIT, smell it, kiss it and lick it – WORSHIP my SHIT slave!

3 Course Meal From 3 Mistresses!

A slave is let out of his cage to be served a 3 course meal from 3 mistresses! He gets a drink, a solid meal and a desert. The mistresses mock and humiliate him throughout his meal and laugh as he consumes their insides from the various vessels he has been served with.

Hidden Camera From Japanese Public Toilet

Hidden camera from Japanese public toilet