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Diarrhea On The Floor!

This girl is on her way to work after eating a huge breakfast at home. As she was walking along the street, her stomach starts to rumble and make growling sounds of impending doom. Clutching her tummy, she desperately runs to the nearest public restroom in dire need of shitting. Once inside, she pulls down her panties but it’s already too late – her panties are already covered in wet shit! She sits on the floor and diarrhea spurts out heavily from her asshole, scattering all over the floor!

Kv For The Greedy Slave Mouth

My slave is waiting for its cargo. He has to open his ass dominatrix in the face and now he has his mouth already. I stuff him full load in the mouth and still look at me as he has to deal with the crowd.

6 Students Fill Up Their Toilet Slave Part 4

Here the Girls came together after school to abuse their Toilet Slave and fill him up with Poop. Part 4. English Subtitles.