Pee Piss And Beer

Toilet Slavery And Hard Assfucking

Godess had a custom request today and she must wear all black clothes, Black high heels, black latex catsuit, black whip, black strapon, all black . . .she use her 2 personal slaves in this video and humiliate them, beat one of them, fuck him in the ass with a huge strapon, order them to suck cock, deepthroat, then use one of them for her personal daily toilet needs, filling his mouth with pee aqnd shitting directly into his mouth, slave chewing and eating his Godess divine shit !!

That Was Close!!!

I was at night by car down the highway when I was caught in a traffic jam and was there for over an hour. In this case I had to pee urgently. When the jam was over, I quickly moved to the next rest stop and went to the toilets and because I could not keep it and I would have peed almost in the pants, I have before the house, pulled down the pants and in a squatting position, front of the cottage, Pissed. In this case you can also see the tapes, of my anal beads, which I had in the ass, hanging out of my asshole!

Eat My Poo Brownies!!!

One of my fans asked for some of my delicious poo brownies so of course I had to oblige! Come watch me take a very big shit into a bowl and proceed to add it to the rest of the ingredients…what comes out of the oven is the most delicious poo brownies you’ve ever dreamed of tasting! I order him to eat every crumb and of course, he loved it!

Slave, In A Bed, Shitting And Pissing In His Mouth! Full Movie

Here I have rewarded one of my toilet slaves. He always beautiful swallows everything from me, he was allowed this time, my shit and piss, enjoy lying in a bed! First I pissed him a big load of my divine spumante in his mouth and then shitting him a nice big pile of shit in his mouth! The slave has everything eaten lovely and even licked clean in the end his finger! He had to jerk off one, and was allowed to cumshot only after he had eaten all my shit!