Pee Piss And Cum In The Mouth

Teen Marions Scat Diary

Sweet stinky turdloving Marion performs here her shitty daily toilet sessions!!

Banquet For A 3-course Toilet Slave

Banquet for a 3-course toilet slave. Yesterday my princesses used me again. Yana was the most smelly and sweet – she cooked for me a huge sticky and very sweet pile! The first treat I took from Christina – with a powerful fart she dumped my face to her shit, which I very quickly ate, because I love the taste of her shit! The second treat I received from Yana – her shit was thick and sticky, swallowing it was the most difficult since there was a lot of it, every time I swallowed a new portion my mouth immediately filled with a new one. Last meal I took from Amina – a small piece of hard shit and a large portion of urine, I did not want to drink so much urine, especially at the end, when I was filled with shit, but Amina wanted me to drink all of her urine. At the beginning of the video, the girls used my mouth to brush their feet – it was very pleasant to spend time with them – they laughed and talked about their women’s affairs! I knew that at this moment they strongly want to shit and wait. After talking to the girls decided who will go to the toilet first, second and last.

Scat Games At The Swimming Pool

I shit on an inflatable cushion in the pool, I masturbate with my shit, I fuck my ass with a dildo while my master piss and shit on me, I eat his shit all hot and I spreads it all over my body, Covered with shit I do big pee and finally I take a shower outside.

Peeing In A Bowl

Peeing in a bowl (JJ000512)