Pee Piss Golden

Shugo’s Painful Piss Training!

Shugo tried his best to grip the mouth of the plastic bottle to please his mistresses. His young mistresses, Aya and Hanue, didn’t take kindly to slaves that hesitated. Aya dropped her SOILED panties and showed Shugo her filthy crack. She didn’t want to squat, and peed directly into open, cut bottle to hit Shugo’s willing throat with her stinky, salty fluid. Shugo gagged but hid the sound, as he nearly drowns from the abundance of the warm pee from Aya. He lays on the floor perfectly still, ready for more training, more whipping, and more punishment from his cruel mistresses. With his belly full of foul pee, he is ordered to bend over, on his knees, and puke the pee out. The fluid gurgles from his stomach and rushes upward in a painful, acidic rush – up his throat and out of his aging mouth. Shugo gasps at the pain and pleasure, as he looks at what his mistresses want to do with him next.

Shit Playing In Bathtub After Cumming In Mouth

A nice shitting movie in bathtub. First you can see a girl deepthroating her boyfriend in a room until he fill her mouth with his spunk. Then in bathtub a perverse lady shitting and playing with her shit, smearing and eating.

Special Toilet Stool For Toiletboy!

I’m running late for my class but first I have to visit my toiletboy its his feeding time and its time to unload my shit so as usual my toilet boy awaits patiently for my return, he is lying down under my special toilet stool I especially designed for him.