Pee Piss Indonesia

When King Henry’s Toilet

King Henry received a male slave when their own toilet stool every day to the slave food group

Mistress Roberta – Eat My Shit Without Hands-pov

Today my toilet slave i prepared a surpise for you i will serve you breakfast on the floor and order you to eat without hands and you should see what pile of creamy shit you get all tasty ! Enjoy.

Lady Grace First Time

Lady Grace is the first time with the Scatqueens Berlin. She is together with Lady Katharina her and find the toilet slave lying on the ground. Soon both are using toilet slave and shitting and vomiting in his mouth.

Last Toilet Service For One Toilet Slave

The title says all. the last movie with one of my toilet slaves who had served as my human toilet for a long time. Here he has for his last time a big fresh bunch of shit in his mouth.